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Fragrance Collections


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Sweet Pomelo -
agave nectar with a combination of grapruit, mandarin, and tangerine 

Ozone & Jasmine -
sea water, salt, and sand finished with a base of cedar and jasmine

Fresh Flowers -
Green florals with lilac, rose, and jasmine

Oakmoss & Amber -
deep and earthy oakmoss with orange, grapefruit, and sage finished with an amber base.

Moonflower Nectar - juicy pear, agave, and soft florals wrapped in a powdery musk base with amber.


Sun & Surf -
coconut with sea air and sandalwood

Paradise -
a light woody scent that finishes with powder and a sweet rum

Luau -
soft florals, lush greens and marine combined with tonka bean and a hint of musk

Island Life -
modern tropical twist with fresh mango and creamy coconut milk.


Orchard -
traditional apple, cinnamon, orange tied together with a maple burbon finish.

Frost -
a blend of crisp, cool evergreens, fruits, and airy ozone

Pumpkin Brulee -
pumpkin, clove, nutmeg and caramelized sugar.

Autumn Air -
apples and berries with cedar and leaves.

Pomegranate Cider - lemon, pomegranate, and cranberries grounded by spiced apple cider. 


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Winter's Night -
top notes of eucalyptus and lavender, and a pine and cedar base.

Fresh Peppermint -
a blend of sweet peppermint with tingly earthy eucalyptus.

Spice Cake - caramelized ginger with a beautiful medley of spices and warm bakery notes

Yule Cider -
a festive blend of oranges, cranberries and warm mulled cider.

Christmas Morning - (Christmas in a jar) orange spice notes with fir and pine with an earthy smokiness.

Lake Washington Candle Company Signature Scents

PNW Forest
Warm Vanilla
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