Hi! My name is Monica and I am the woman behind Lake Washington Candle Company. With a background in the Early Childhood Education field I have always had a passion for creating and crafting. Making candles is something I have enjoyed doing since the first time I learned how in the kitchen of my home. I started making my own for personal use because I was noticing my asthma and allergies were reacting to the store bought candles and fragrances that I was burning. Also, being a mom to young kids, it didn't feel right to burn something that I wasn't really sure of what was exactly being released in the air when they were being burned. With my love of candle making I started making handmade gifts for friends and family and continuously received positive feedback about the scents, quality, and purity of my candles compared to typical imported or store bought candles.

Since starting my small business and launching my candles the support I have received from friends, family, and my local community has been amazing. It is so rewarding to be a part of the makers community and contribute something that I believe is a wonderful product.

Ingredients and Process

All Natural Soy Wax

I start by using 100% all natural soy wax which is made with pure vegetable soybean oil. It was important to me to use the highest quality ingredients for my candles because I want to make the highest quality product for my customers. Starting my candles with soy wax was an obvious choice for me. Soy wax is eco-friendly, carbon neutral, and a sustainable resource. Soy wax is always non-toxic, burns cleaner than other waxes such as paraffin, and does not produce carcinogenic chemicals. I do not use any added chemicals or dyes in my candles therefore some naturally occurring characteristics are unavoidable when using pure soy.  After burning your candle the surface wax may appear rough, frosted, or slightly lumpy once it hardens again. This is a common characteristic of soy wax and is only cosmetic, it will never affect the scent or burn of your candle. Think of it as beautiful reminder that your candle is made with pure soy wax!

I use all natural cotton core wicks for each of my candles. These are lead and zinc free and constructed from natural flat cotton threads, interwoven with paper threads. This structure results in a consistent flame and even burn. 

Creating and mixing unique and invigorating scents is my favorite part of the candle making process! Once again it is important to me to use the highest quality ingredients for my candles which is why I choose phthalate free, premium fragrance oils along with natural essential oils to formulate my scents. I also make sure that my candles have a strong fragrance load to ensure it will fill your room with its wonderful aroma.

Each candle is hand poured from small batches in my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. This ensures consistent quality and attention to detail in every candle. I personally check every candle after pouring and setting to make sure the look of your candle and fragrance are just right. 

Another benefit to using clean burning soy wax is its lower melting point compared to other waxes. Soy candles will burn at a lower temperature, and therefore do not evaporate as quickly as other waxes, such as a paraffin based candle. It is for this reason that the burn time of a soy candle, given the same amount of wax, is longer than that of a paraffin candle. See each candle description for approximate burn times.  To ensure you get the most burn time and scent from your candle the first time you light it make sure it stays lit long enough to melt the wax across the entire top, this is called creating an even wax pool. Typically your initial lighting should be at least 4 hours. This even wax pool creates a memory burn that will help create an even layer of melted wax across the top and prevents your candle from tunneling (burning down just in the center) and wasting wax along the sides. Also, using a wick trimmer, butter knife, or scissors to make sure your wick is burning properly in the center is crucial. Don't be afraid to push it over or to realign as it burns to ensure proper placement. 

When I first stared making candles I realized that many people are not aware that the containers that candles come in can be re-purposed for something else. I was so excited to find my beautiful 13 ounce glass vessels for my containers and am happy to help my customers re-purpose their vessel into another beautiful candle for them to enjoy! Some other ideas for re-purposing your vessel are using it for a pen or pencil holder, vase, or change collector. Find out more about my local re-pour program 

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