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About Me

Hi! I'm Monica...

Monica LWCC

...and I am the woman behind Lake Washington Candle Company.

I hand poured a candle in high school for the first time, and fell in love with the creative process. A few years later I realized the candles I had been buying from "big box stores" had a lot of additives and ingredients that were triggering my asthma and allergies but I missed fragrances.  As a natural alternative I turned to essential oils and have loved learning about them and their aromatherapy benefits. My love for candles and my love for essential oils collided and I started researching and studying scent compositions and learning about fragrance oils. 

I started hand pouring my own candles because I wanted amazing fragrances and a strong scented candle that would fill the room when lit. I was also not willing to compromise on it being clean burning or beautiful. I have found beautiful glass and ceramic containers and gifted my candle creations to friends and family who started asking me for more for their friends and family. My small business, Lake Washington Candle Company,

(along with my idea for the local re-pour program!) was born.

I use all natural soy wax and I never use any additives or dyes in my candles. I have created my seasonal fragrance collections to carry a heavy scent load which ensures a strong smelling candle that will fill your room when lit.

They will never have parabens, sulfates, or phthalates and my wicks are always 100% cotton.

I love finding beautiful containers that can be re-poured in or repurposed in other ways.

After you are done burning your candle you can repurpose your container into a pencil/pen/makeup brush holder, planter, change collector or anything else you can think of!

If you are local I also offer a local repour program where I give a discount for returning customers and I repour into your containers after you choose a new scent. Contact me for more info!

Thank you for supporting me and my small, local business!

Are you interested in my candles?

Let's talk!

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